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Custom Software Solutions

SCI development specialists work with clients to build web-based, mobile-accessible applications and SCI team members have more than five years experience planning, developing and launching applications. Please read on to learn more about SCI's development skills and experience.

PHP, MySQL and JavaScript Development

SCI developers focus mainly on development of web-based applications in PHP, MySQL and JavaScript. SCI web application software manages customer interaction through MySQL database design and PHP scripts. JavaScript code and code libraries are utilized to animate web applications and points of interaction while maintaining accessibility across varied browsers and devices.

PHP is one of the most widely implemented server-side scripting languages (read more on PHP at wikipedia).  SCI's web development experts use PHP code to facilitate communication between the public view of a website (web pages, forms, animations, etc.) and the database and admin control panel of a website.

MySQL databases are used to store company data and data on customer interactions within SCI-developed systems. MySQL is SCI's database system of choice because it is light-weight, efficient and, when programmed correctly, secure enough to store even the most private of customer data.

JavaScript code libraries (like JQuery) help to stimulate page interaction and make a website function more like a desktop application.  Another benefit of using JavaScript animation (over Adobe Flash animation for instance) is that mobile browsers can run JavaScript, while most are not Flash enabled.  As mobile carriers are slow to adopt Flash, JavaScript will be the preferred choice for mobile compatible animations for the next several years.

Would you like to know more, click here for a custom programming consultation.

API Development Projects

Beyond building custom applications, SCI programmers have proven experience integrating 3rd party applications into client systems. 3rd party app. integration is usually achieved by programming scripts to communicate between SCI-built systems and any 3rd party application via its API (application programming interface). Below is a sample list of APIs that SCI developers have experience with:
Find out if SCI can build an API script for you, click here for a custom API consultation.

Open-Source Software Customization

SCI does provide customization services for businesses using 3rd party open-source software. Listed below is a sample of open-source software systems that SCI developers have experience with:
  • Shopping Carts - OSCommerce, Cube Cart
  • CMS - Joomla
  • Blogs - WordPress, MovableType, Blogger
Already working with open-source software, click here to request an open-source consultation.

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